9 Level Conductivity Indicator, LAB-AIDS# 300M

For determination of conductivity of liquids & solids.

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This LED (Light Emitting Diode) conductivity indicator is sensitive enough to respond to as little as 0.1 ml of liquid. It detects free H+ ions in water, and will even register low conductivity for 70% ethyl alcohol. When both probes are in contact with a solid or immersed in a solution, and the material is a:

  • Strong conductor – the LED will glow red and blink rapidly
  • Weak conductor – the LED will have a steady dull glow
  • Non-conductor – the LED will not light up

The Indicator comes with a one-year limited warranty.

(A 9-volt battery is required, but not included)


1 Teachers guide, 1 chemplate & 1 conductivity indicator