Essential Oil Steam Distillation Apparatus

The steam distillation process can be used to remove the volatile components (essential oils) from organic matter. In this process, steam is passed through the plant material containing the desired oils. The energy stored in the steam is transferred to the oil which causes the oil to undergo a phase change from a liquid to a vapor state. The steam and vaporized oil are then condensed and collected. The end products, oil and water can be further separated using a separatory funnel.

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Our Essential Oil Steam Distillation Apparatus Set includes:

  1. One 24/40 flat bottom short neck 2000 mL borosilicate boiling flask with a full length outer 24/40  joint including one 24/40 hollow stopper. Manufactured from borosilicate glass similar to Pyrex glass.
  2. One biomass container which is a 2000 mL borosilicate flask with a 45/40 outer joint on the top and a 24/40 inner joint at the base.  This arrangement gives you ample of room to fill and clean the flask.
  3. One still head joins the biomass container to the condenser.
  4. One 300 mm Allhin condenser with a straight inner tube sealed in an outer water jacket.
  5. One Receiver/ Separatory Funnel with Teflon Stopcock 24/40 joint.
  6. One Support Stand 9″ x 12″ with two Clamps
  7. One 12 feet long rubber tubing.

Note: Required a suitable Hot Plate or a Heating Mantle, not included with the set. Can be bought separately. Ask for details.

Please note that this item is available in wholesale to distributors.