Heating Mantle Round Bottom (Thermowell)

Heating Mantle, Round Bottom (Thermowell)

These heating mantles operate at 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, are equipped with a 3-wire 3′ grounded power cord and plug, and are CSA certified (equiv. to UL approval). Sizes available (mL): 125, 250, 500  mL.

Category No: 6601- Category:


Thermowell Round- Bottom Flask Heaters (Mantles)

THERMOWELLs are used

  • Student organic and general chemistry labs in colleges and universities and some high schools world wide.
  • Industrial and pharmaceutical chemical labs, research institutes, medical labs, glass blowers, etc.


  • Refluxing, distillations, digestions, air baths, Kjeldahls, media preparation, vacuum diffusion pumping, solvent extractions, etc.


  • Ceramic heat cavity with an embedded nichrome resistance wire for outstanding durability and safety. Temperatures to 500°C.
  • Steel housing with a protective epoxy coating.
  • Aluminum bottom permits magnetic stirring.
  • 3-wire, 3-foot power cord is grounded to the housing for increased safety.
  • Six-month warranty (unique) against failure due to a manufacturing flaw (not chemical spillage or superheating).
  • 120 volt, 50/60 Hz units are available.
  • 100mL, 250mL, 500mL
  • Have the CE mark and CSA certified
Cat. No. Capacity Watts
6601-01 125 mL 140
6601-02 250 mL 210
6601-05 500 mL 330
6601-10 1000 mL 500
6601-20 2000 mL 760
6601-30 3000 mL 850

Essential requirement: Power Controller 6601-PC (Sold separately), or any variable power transformer such as Variac, Powerstat etc.