Hydrometer, Balling (Plato), W/ Thermometer

Plato Gravity Scale is a measurement of the concentration of dissolved solids in a brewery wort. Degree Plato (°P) is used to quantify the concentration of exact ( mainly sugar derived from malt but also including other soluble material in wort) as a percentage by weight.

Category No: 2110- Categories: ,


Standard Temperature: 20°C, Accuracy: ±1 Subdivision

Thermometer Scale (2110-08/ -16/ -24): 0 to +50°C (Subdivision: 1°C), Thermometer Scale (2110-32): +30 to +120°F Subdivision: 1°F)

Cat. No. Balling Range Liquid Type Subdivision Length Price
2110-08 0-8.5°P Spirit o.1° 360mm 88.00
2110-16 7.5-16°P Spirit o.1° 360mm 88.00
2110-24 15.5-24°P Spirit o.1° 360mm 88.00
2110-32 0-32°P Spirit o.5° 380mm 88.00