Wash Bottles, Wide Mouth, Solvent, Color Coded, Right to Know

Category No: 2201-17 Categories: ,


  • Labeled wash bottles ensure leak proof dispensing of your most common solvents
  • 53mm wide
  • Easy to read
  • LPDE solvent resistant bottles
  • 500 ml (16oz)
Cat. No. Label
2201-17A Acetone
2201-17B Dichloromethane
2201-17C Deionized Water
2201-17D Distilled Water
2201-17E Ethanol
2201-17F 70% Ethanol
2201-17G Wthyl Acetate
2201-17H Isopropanol
2201-17I LYOB (Label Your Own Bottle)
2201-17J Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
 2201-17K Saline Solution
2201-17L Soap
2201-17M Sodium Hypochlorite (BLEACH)
 2201-17N Toluene
2201-17O Water

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